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Our Pricing



Best Value

1.5 - 2 Hours


✔ Basic Tuning

$160 - $200

Total Value:

Only $110 - $150!

Learn about our Apprentice techs:

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Intermediate Level

1.5 - 2 Hours


✔ Pro Tuning

✔ Pitch Raise

✔ Pedal Adjustment

✔ Condition Report

$ 375

Total Value:

Only $250!

Learn about our Craftsman tech:

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Master Level


1.5 - 2 Hours


✔ Full Service Visit

✔ Custom Tuning

✔ Pitch Raise

✔ String Lubrication

✔ Pedal Adjustment

✔ Condition Report

✔ A few sticking key fixes

✔ Fix minor action issues

✔ Pedal Adjustment/Lubrication

Only $300!

$ 375

Total Value:

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Learn about our Artisan tech:

Piano Keytop Replacement
& Keyboard Maintenance

Removing Old Keytops and Installing New Ones

Old keytops and fronts will be removed, the wood beneath will be restored and a new one-piece German acrylic top will be attached and fitted to the key. This service is available for white keys only or all keys. 


$500 for whites, $750 for all. Key frame not required.

Rebushing Keys

Piano keys sit on two pins — the front rail and balance rail — that keep them in place and guide them vertically when pressed/released. These bushings wear out over time, and should be replaced to maximize ease of playing. Old bushings will be removed and replaced with new ones, which will be properly adjusted and lubricated.


$150 for whites, $200 for all (all keys strongly recommended)

Sanding Key Heads

When a white key is depressed, the front side of the adjacent keys become visible. These areas have often absorbed years of grime from finger oils or other sources, resulting in a rough and gritty appearance. By sanding this area, the keys will look new, clean, and uniform.


$100 (white keys only)

Polishing and Lubricating Key Pins

All keys sit on two metal pins. Over time, these pins become oxidized and corroded, which hinders smooth playing. This will be remedied by polishing the keys and 



Align and Space Keys

The key pins can move overtime, which may cause symptoms such as sluggish key travel or awkwardly spaced/slanted keys. 



Polish Capstans

The capstans are the contact point between the key and the rest of the action mechanisms of the piano. A metal capstan extends upward from the back of the key and rests beneath a felt cushion underneath the wippen. Excess friction between the capstan and this felt can reduce responsiveness and nuance when playing. Oxidation and corrosion on the capstan develops over time, contributing to this friction. Polishing capstans will contribute to a cleaner, smoother, more responsive and nuanced experience of playing the piano.

$100Full service - $1200

Key Numbering

If your keys aren’t already numbered, we will stamp numbers onto the wood. You might never see these numbers yourself, but accurate and clear numbering facilitates better and more efficient maintenance of your piano over time.


$50 / Included FREE with larger packages!

Backcheck Leathers

Backchecks are an integral part of the piano action and help facilitate the full range of volume and color. They are made of leather and catch the hammer by its "tail" when necessary to avoid unintended repetition or facilitate more rapid repetition. The more a piano is used the more this leather wears away and backchecks become less functional. Replacing backcheck leathers is an essential ingredient in restoring piano keys to their optimal functionality.

Grand only; $200

Key Leveling

Upon returning your keys your piano, we can spend a few hours levelling the keys and adjusting key dip. Included in key leveling we provide fresh felt punchings (circular felt shock absorbers that rest under the front of the key) and we will freshly sand key frame (a clean and smooth keyframe will perform properly. If new felt punchings are not needed $50 can be subtracted the cost of key leveling.




White keytops + Bushings - $600


Full set of keytops (black + white), bushings, and sanding - $900


Full Keyboard Service - $1200

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