Jerome has been composing and playing piano and saxophone since he was a teenager. He earned his B.A. in music theory and ethnomusicology from Columbia University, studying ear training and counterpoint with pianist and composer Ramin Arjomand, with whom he still studies privately. As a composer he was awarded a 2015 Fulbright Fellowship to research traditional samba performance and write new music in Salvador, Brazil. He has performed his compositions at venues like La MaMa, Joe's Pub, and WKCR, most notably as part of the live-music and storytelling duo James and Jerome. He and writer/storyteller James Harrison Monaco have been collaborating for ten years and are active in NYC's downtown theater community. Having known the joy of playing his music for audiences, Jerome came to Floating Piano Factory seeking yet another way to connect with others via the piano, and to deepen his own relationship with the instrument. As an FPF apprentice, he is enthusiastic about developing his skills as a piano tuner and technician while providing the best possible service to his customers, as well as working with such a talented team. Outside of music Jerome is a devoted lover of literature and will rarely be found without a few books in his bag. He also enjoys traveling, studying languages, and visiting his favorite New York City sanctuaries: the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New York Botanical Garden.


Tom is an accomplished musician with a Bachelor's in saxophone performance from the University of Denver and a Masters in Jazz Composition and Arranging from William Paterson University. He is active in the vibrant NYC music scene, most notably with his 17 piece jazz orchestra Flying Dragon. His compositions have been commissioned and performed all over the world from North and South America, to Europe and South Africa. His first exposure to instrument care was as an employee of Manning Custom Woodwinds in NYC, where he was in charge of making high-end custom instrument cases. He enjoyed many aspects of building cases, most especially sharing each customers joy and appreciation for a brand new case that he had put care into building. Tom has now transferred his enjoyment of working with his hands, and providing a high quality service to his apprenticeship as a piano tuner and technician. Having always had a great appreciation for skilled trades, Tom is very excited to be the newest member of the Floating Piano Factory team. Outside of his musical pursuits, Tom enjoys traveling and exploring the great outdoors, as well as following various soccer leagues from around the world (he is an avid Liverpool supporter). Also an enthusiastic and studious mixologist, Tom loves creating new cocktail recipes to enjoy with friends.


Daniel has studied jazz piano, and played guitar, bass, and keyboards in bands for a number of years. He became interested in piano tuning during his time at the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University, where he worked as an archival intern after earning a BA in American Studies. He continues to compose music and collaborate with others while developing his tuning skills, and is working on several musical projects at any given time. As an apprentice, Daniel is committed to providing the highest level of care for each instrument while continuing to refine his knowledge and skills as a piano tuner. He came to FPF as an assistant in the summer of 2014, and is now an official apprentice, cultivating an increasingly enthusiastic and passionate aproach to piano tuning, maintenance and regulation. He is excited by the prospect of contributing to his passion for music through piano tuning, and increasing the ease with which music is made. When he isn't tending to pianos, Daniel can be found collecting records, studying traditional British folk music, and traveling to remote areas of New York and the tri-state area in his car.


Bimol grew up playing the piano from the age of six, when a Russian piano teacher helped develop within him a deep appreciation for classical music. While he later earned a degree in chemical engineering from U Penn, and subsequently worked as a project manager for a solar power firm, in 2012 he decided to return to music. He has since been working on regaining and advancing his classical technique, as well as tinkering with jazz and a bit of composition. Ever hungry for new knowledge, Bimol is eagerly learning the art and science of piano tech using his know-how to make the world a more harmonious place. He fully appreciates and embraces piano tuning, and loves that it brings together music technique with scientific and mathematical analysis - a perfect melding of his classical music background and education in engineering. Bimol enjoys getting to the bottom of how pianos work, what makes them sound the way they do, and how to make them sound better, and he is very excited to develop his knowledge and skills in making your instrument sound great. A believer that the rests are just as important as the notes, Bimol enjoys rock climbing, getting into the woods, learning new languages, and cooking for everyone.


Macho began piano lessons at the age of three establishing strong foundations in the traditions of classical music. She continued to be passionate about piano throughout her high school years, participating in performance competitions wherein she won a handful of impressive awards. In 2014, she earned an Associate level diploma for piano performance from Trinity College London. As her life-long passion for piano matured, Macho increasingly sought to achieve a perfect sound from the instrument. Naturally, that fueled her desire to dive into the piano itself and learn how to control it at the level where tone and timber originate. Through piano work Macho developed a friendship with another young technician in Hong Kong, Neway Lau. They bonded over their work and a shared devotion to excellence. In their research for learning opportunities they discovered the FPF piano technician apprenticeship program, and sought to apply in May 2015. The dedication and enthusiasm of both applicants was impossible to ignore, however the 8,000 mile distance posed an obstacle. Nevertheless, as proof of her diligence Macho attempted to begin a remote training regimen with FPF and has proven herself to be an exemplary and talented student. She seeks the highest level of work and is an invaluable asset to any customer that chooses to enlist her services.


Neway is an enthusiastic piano lover and is earnestly committed to a career as a world-class professional piano technician. She has performed as a church pianist for more than 8 years, developing her skills as an accompanist and enjoying the piano as an instrument that brings people together. Neway has a strong analytical and mechanical mind and thus is not satisfied with just playing piano, but also craves a deep understanding of piano mechanics. Miss Lau studied Management Science at the City University of Hong Kong and graduated with her BBA in 2013. However, she has been so enamored with pianos that she left a comfortable white collar career several years ago to learn the basics of piano tuning in a piano warehouse. Neway has already participated in some intensive training with pianos and joined the membership of the China Piano Tuner Association (CPTA). She works with Floating Piano Factory to develop more comprehensive knowledge and skills and to fulfill her mission of ranking among the top piano technicians internationally. She has a good deal of experience taking care of pianos for households, churches, schools and various institutions. She is committed to achieving the best tuning, touch and tone for every piano she encounters. She looks forward to her next appointment with you and would like you to know that you can, without hesitation, entrust her with providing top-notch care of your piano.


Eathan has 15 years of experience as a piano technician. He studied with Dave Miller, the staff piano technician for the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Dave Carpenter, inventor of the Verituner electronic tuning device, provided mentorship for Eathan in Chicago. Eathan also worked with Ken Eschete and Bill Schwarts, the staff piano technicians at Northwestern University in Chicago. As a resident of Brooklyn for the past 6 years, Eathan has developed a strong reputation in the NYC area. He is an active member of and the NYC piano technician's guild and a registered piano technician.

In addition to piano work, Eathan has a wide variety of interests and pursuits. His collaborative and broadly interdisciplinary life's mission is to perform a series of bold creative acts that through their implausibility inspire a mass sense of duty to overcome fear and subdue violence. In September 2015 he earned a PhD in Biology from CUNY with studies that enrich our understanding of the connection between birdsong and music. He has won recognition in Switzerland for his studies that bridge music and neuroscience and from IBM for his entrepreneurial acumen. His most recent award was a one-month residency through the Djerassi Artists Foundation supporting work that integrates art and science. He currently acts as a FPF's cultural ambassador to Peru caring for pianos abroad as a means of forming connections across cultures.